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17 1/2" Roller Cone Tricone Rock Bits Sealed Bearing Tci Drill Bit

  • Min. Order:1 Piece(s)
  • Date of Delivery:20 days
  • Payment Type:T/T, Western Union, Other
Hebei Ranking Bit Manufacture Co.,ltd
Hebei, China
  • Response Time: < 24h
  • Response Rate: 0%
Main Products: Hole Opener, Tricone Bit, PDC Bit, Tricone Cutter,
Model No.: 17 1/2" iadc537 Place of Origin: China

Product Description

 The soft formation TCI tricone bits are used to drill low compressive strength, very soft formations. This bit maximized to use of both conical and chisel tungsten carbide inserts of large diameters and high projection. This cutting structure design, combined with maximum cone offset, results in high bit penetration rates. The deep intermesh of cutter rows prevents bit bailing in sticky formations.

17 1/2

17 1/2The medium formation TCI tricone bits features aggressive chisel tungsten carbide inserts on the heel rows and inner rows. This design provides a fast drilling rate and added cutting structure durability in medium to medium hard for mations. The HSN rubber O-ring provides adequate sealing for bearing durability. 17 1/2



17 1/2Cautions

  1. Please select the applicable formation and parameters according to the instructions.
  2. Carefully check the bits appearance and to check the bits threaded end face,whether the serial number on the box and certificate.
  3. Selection of WOB and RPM should be within the limits of the recommended parameters, higher WOB and RPM cannot be used simultaneously.
  4. Bottom hole must be clean and bit must not be used for long section reaming.
  5. Drilling process must operate smoothly, find that there is Bie jump on abnormal phenomenon, should be timely analysis and take effective measures
  6. The bit should be kept indoor with dry and well ventilated conditions at 10-33℃ and kept from sunshine and rain. Stored under such conditions, quality of bit is guaranteed for 3 years.

Company Information

Hebei Ranking Bit Manufacture Co.,LTD is a leading manufacturer of Quality Rock Bits. We supply the industry with quality tools such as,Hole Openers, PDC Reamers, Tricone bits, Tricone Cutters, PDC Bits, and Drag Bits.

We are customer-oriented,and providing the highest quality tools at the best possible prices.We serve industries such as Construction, OiI & Gas, Mining, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), Water, Geothermal and Environ-mental.

With years experience ,our mission at Ranking is to maintain at the top in product quality integrity and customers satisfaction worldwide.We hope you consider us for your future needs.Our final aim is " High cost performance drilling bits is made by Ranking Manufacturer.

17 1/2


Packaging & Shipping

17 1/2



1. How to order the products?

Answer: Send the inquiry with detail item description or with Model number. If there is no packing demand we take it as sea-way packing. If possible please attach one reference picture to avoid any misunderstanding or any links from our website for we get a better understanding.

2. About lead time and shipping time?

Answer : The lead time depend on quantity of order. Usually shipped by sea, small order or urgent order we can send you by air after received your agreement. According the distance from china to your port, usually from China to European about 25 days. To West of American 20 days.

3.Can I expect a quality products?

Answer : Yes. All our activities are accredited to ISO 9001:2008, both in products and services, at the same time, mature production technology ensuring the quality satisfy international request. 

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